Roice K. Bwambale


Environmental Engineer

Roice holds the position of Deputy Coordinator at the Ndejje University Water Research and Development Centre, playing a pivotal role in advancing research initiatives. As a Co-Founder of Africlimactiv, he has made substantial contributions to the organization’s mission of training over 150 climate change youth leaders across Africa.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, Roice has demonstrated leadership in both national and international projects. Notable examples include his involvement in the sustainable geodesign of Alexandria City, Egypt, and his contributions to water supply projects in Uganda.

In addition to his practical contributions, Roice has proven to be a valuable independent consultant, successfully revising the strategic plans, sustainability plans, and business models of over 20 youth-led organizations. Through his expertise, these organizations experienced a significant boost in fundraising potential, with a minimum increase of $10,000 USD within just a year of organizational restructuring.

Roice’s proficiency extends to the academic realm as well, as he imparts knowledge as a lecturer at Ndejje University in the fields of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. With a broad understanding of Engineering economics, Roice brings valuable insights to the table. His experience includes conducting cost-benefit analyses of projects and implementing advanced monitoring and evaluation approaches tailored for climate-smart agriculture. Roice stands as a multifaceted professional, making impactful contributions to both academia and practical projects in the field of engineering and environmental science.

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