June 2024 Newsletter

our 2024 June newsletter

The Women Income Network is delighted to present its monthly report for June 2024, showcasing the significant achievements throughout the month. 

Fertilizer Production

In June, we achieved remarkable progress in fertilizer production. At the farm and with the collaboration of our outgrowers, we successfully processed and packed a total of 5.2 tons of purely organic fertilizer. This nutrient-rich fertilizer, derived from organic waste, is designed to enhance soil health and boost crop productivity. Our focus on organic fertilizer not only promotes sustainable farming practices but also supports the local agricultural community by providing a high-quality product that enriches the soil naturally.

Organic Waste Processing

This month, we processed a total of 4.5 tons of organic waste from Kalerwe Market and an additional 5 tons from our outgrowers. This waste was efficiently converted into feed for maggots using a shredding machine. Maggots have shown great potential in transforming organic waste into high-quality fertilizer.

Black Soldier Fly Eggs and Larvae Production

In June, our team achieved significant milestones in the production of Black Soldier Fly eggs and larvae. We successfully harvested and dried 300 kgs of larvae from our farm, with an additional 400 kgs harvested from our outgrowers. These larvae were carefully dried and milled to produce high-quality animal feed. The use of Black Soldier Fly larvae as animal feed offers numerous benefits, including being a sustainable and cost-effective protein source. By integrating larvae production into our operations, we are not only reducing organic waste but also providing a valuable product for the livestock industry. 

Maggot farming on a contract model

In June, we continued the process of following up on our  5 outgrowers for contract maggot farming to increase production and community empowerment. We successfully constructed and completed three structures for 2 of our champions to carry out maggot farming on a contract model. Neema Grace and Nabasaayi Hafuswha are two of five women whose demo farms have been successfully completed, in the next few days the remaining three farmers shall also have these farms constructed and prvided with what it takes to kick start maggot farming. 

Photos of action in place for the construction of the demo farms of the farmers under the Maggot Farming Contract Model. 


Welcoming B.ISA and Connecting with GAYO

We had the pleasure of hosting representatives from B. Inspired with Stories from Africa (B.ISA), all the way from Ghana, led by their CEO, Betty Osei Bonsu. As Women Income Network representatives, we had a fantastic time engaging with them at our demonstration farm and offices in Luwero district. During their visit, we showcased our innovative farming practices, including organic waste processing and Black Soldier Fly larvae production. The B.ISA team was particularly interested in our sustainable agriculture methods and the positive impact they have on the community. We are excited to announce that we are working on a collaboration to connect with the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), which focuses on environmental sustainability and community improvement, as well as providing jobs for youth and women across Africa. 

The team of from B.ISA Ghana with the our team at WIN Offices and Demop Farm respectively.


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