Alicia Namakula Mbalire

About Alicia

the Maggot Queen

Alicia Mbalire Namakula is a distinguished biotechnologist and a passionate educator specializing in maggot farming technology. Beyond her scientific expertise, Alicia is a devoted advocate for women’s empowerment and the utilization of bio-innovative solutions to combat gender-based economic disparities, climate change, and food insecurity. 

Raised in a female-managed household within a patriarchal society, Alicia’s personal experiences fuel her commitment to social justice. As a key figure in Women Income Network, Alicia collaborates with stakeholders to promote maggot farming in marginalized communities. Her achievements include being designated a 2023 Mandela Washington Fellow, a 2022 Echoing Green Fellow, and a 2021 Resolution Fellow. Holding the title of a Millennium Fellow, Alicia’s leadership skills have been refined through roles such as a Resolution Guide and a campus director for the Millennium Fellowship.

These accolades attract dedicated talent to tackle extreme poverty, food insecurity, and climate change in marginalized communities. With an inspiring vision, Alicia aims to eradicate these issues and create a more sustainable and just world. 

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