2023 Annual Newsletter

our 2023 annual newsletter

WIN’s Impactful Year: Empowering Communities Through Maggot Farming and Sustainable Initiatives.
 In 2023, WIN made significant strides in empowering communities through diverse programs. The organization trained over 200 farmers in maggot farming, with 5 adopting the innovative technology. The expansion of the demonstration farm and the opening of a One-Stop Shop in Busiika Town Council signify WIN’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment.
Spreading Awareness: WIN Reaches Over 1500 Individuals Through Innovative Greeting Initiatives.
 WIN employed innovative greeting initiatives to spread awareness, engaging over 1500 individuals. Media platforms, community exhibitions, and social media campaigns played pivotal roles in disseminating information about maggot farming, business opportunities, and environmental protection. WIN actively participated in exhibitions organized by Women Income Network, the Mastercard Foundation, and Makerere University.
Partnerships and Collaborations: WIN’s Influential Network Accelerating Positive Change. 
Key partnerships with organizations like the Open Data Institute (ODI), Microsoft, Ndejje University, and local stakeholders have accelerated WIN’s mission. Collaborative efforts focused on reciprocal exchanges, data for climate resilience, biotechno-economic evaluations, waste management, and peer learning networks, demonstrating the influential network that propels WIN’s positive impact.
Milestone Moments: WIN’s One-Stop Shop and Office Opening in Busiika Town Council.
 WIN achieved significant milestones by opening a One-Stop Shop and an office in Busiika Town Council. These establishments serve as accessible points for farmers to receive products and services, strengthening market linkages and symbolizing WIN’s commitment to community development.
Sustainable Practices: WIN’s Commitment to Waste Management and Environmental Protection.
WIN’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through the collection of over 32,390 kilograms of waste, transformed into usable products. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions, promote responsible waste management, and protect the environment, positioning
Innovative Data Systems: WIN’s Technological Revolution in Agricultural Practices.
 WIN spearheaded a technological revolution by implementing innovative data systems. Participation in peer learning networks with ODI and Microsoft informed the development of digital systems for efficient data collection and dissemination. These technologies enhance on-farm practices, information accessibility, and contribute to WIN’s role as a knowledge-sharing hub.
Women’s Day Triumph: WIN Empowers 70 Women in Rural Luweero Through Maggot Farming.
On Women’s Day, WIN organized a transformative outreach program, empowering 70 women in rural Luweero through maggot farming training. The program covered the entire maggot farming process, benefits, rearing techniques, and market opportunities. The success of this initiative is evident in the active engagement and ongoing progress of the trained women in establishing their maggot farms.
Youth Empowerment: WIN’s Successful Training Session Creates Future Maggot Farming Ambassadors. 
WIN’s youth empowerment initiative in rural Luweero saw a successful training session where young individuals actively engaged and showed enthusiasm for maggot farming. The youth were registered into WIN’s information system, became ambassadors for maggot farming, and actively disseminated knowledge within their communities, showcasing WIN’s commitment to nurturing future leaders.

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